Published: 05/10/2023

Our first exited investment

This week we exited our first asset since we started our investment platform.

The asset: A selection from Burgundy and Champagne

Slides Learn (21)Rationale for exiting the investment opportunity:

Originally, the investment horizon was projected to span 9 to 11 years. However, the prices of the two bottles have exhibited remarkable performance since their release and have already reached the optimistic scenario of year 6 to 7. In collaboration with our expert Rare Wine Invest, we have made the decision to capitalise on these profits at this time. Of course, the originally accrued maintenance fees 💶 which were not used, were provided back to the investors of this investment opportunity. As you know, transparency 🔎 is important to us and therefore, you can find the sales confirmation in the documents section of this asset.

EXIT Calculation

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🎉 Looking back: This asset was released on January 1, 2022 in order celebrate the new year in style 

Back then we paired sparkling wine of Salon Mesnil 🍾 as one of the most prestigious houses in Champagne together with red Burgundy wine from a relatively small estate named Domaine Cecile Tremblay🍷. The case was that the premium Champagne shall provide the portfolio stability and the red wine the growth potential, as we realised that this emerging estate is gaining popularity in the market.

How does this performance compare to the traditional market?

This exited investment opportunity shines with a remarkable realised profit 65% after accounting for fees, resulting in an impressive annualised return of 33%.

During the same period, gold saw an annual value increase of 6.7%, while traditional stock indexes like the SMI and S&P experienced annualised value decreases of -4.5% and -0.3%, respectively.

This exited investment opportunity is showcasing the impressive potential of alternative investments in surpassing gold and traditional stock indexes.

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