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Published: 24/05/2023

We interviewed one of our top investors

Lukas, as an avid user of our platform, we’d like to know about your age and career. 

I’m 41 years old, I studied banking and finance. After having worked in the finance world for 4 years, I built a D2C startup in Switzerland.  

How cool! You tend to invest a lot with us (we are not complaining)! What makes you so confident about alternative assets?  

 During my finance studies I learned a lot about portfolio management and The Modern Portfolio Theory. I started investing in public equity quite at an early age. Adding alternative assets into my portfolio mix reduces variance due to their low correlation to equity markets and enhances overall returns. Therefore, it makes total sense to hold alternative assets alongside other investments.  

We love The Modern Portfolio Theory, it sure controls volatility. What a great approach! What was the first alternative asset class you began to diversify with?

 I like watches, so I bought a Platinum Rolex Yacht Master. I started wearing it all the time, so it probably doesn’t count as an investment. On Splint my first investment was into Louis Roederer - Cristal 2006 and 2009. I’m up almost 25% in a little over a year!  

You are definitely one of our early birds, the Louis Roederer has sure come a long way since its debut, it sure had it’s lightyear in terms for performance.. So, how do you allocate your investments in our app?

 In the beginning I wanted to build a portfolio quickly to make sure it has some weight in my overall asset allocation. Therefore, I bought Splints of every new release for several months. After that I started being more selective and trying to make sure my portfolio of alternative assets is also balanced. When new categories, such as art and bags were added, I also bought those splints to increase diversification.  

What a cool strategy, so does that mean you invest on every release day? If yes, what’s your average investment amount per release?

 I try to invest on every release day, but sometimes the assets are already sold out. I’m looking forward to the auto-invest feature, so I can automatically invest in every release. That makes sense from a duration perspective and should help overall performance. I invest about €1’000 per release. 

Is there an asset class which you have not yet participated in on our app?

No, I’ve invested in all asset classes and look forward to new asset classes being added.  

Wow, you are totally a role model investor! That being said, what would be your advice to someone just getting started?

I would diversify the asset classes and invest over time (Dollar Cost Averaging). That should reduce overall variance and improve long-term risk/return. Of course this is a personal preference. If someone just likes watches and wants to invest in them, then that’s perfectly fine. 

Thank you for your time Lukas. We do believe that passion also plays a role here and that timeless investments may differ from one person to another! We also agree that diversity is important; ETFs, and index funds such as the S&P 500 remain a vital part of a well-balanced portfolio.   

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