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Published: 12/07/2023

In conversation with Kelly, a fearless investor

In conversation with Kelly, a fearless investor 

One of our top users mentioned to us that she enjoys witnessing the rise of platforms that empower both men and women alike in traditionally male-dominated industries, such as finance. Today, we have the privilege of sitting down with Kelly, who found solace and confidence in investing in luxury collectibles with Splint Invest. Despite her initial hesitation, she discovered a newfound passion for investing in alternative assets through the ease of a smartphone. 

Thank you for joining us today, Kelly! Could you start by sharing your initial hesitations and concerns about investing? 

Absolutely! Thank you for having me. I've always been interested in investing but felt somewhat intimidated by the predominantly male presence in the industry. Additionally, I was unsure about the transparency and accessibility of information to retail investors, especially when it came to investing in physical assets. The lack of clarity and high entry ticket sizes made me apprehensive about entering the market at first.  

We have heard that before. How did you come across our platform, and what made you feel more secure about investing in luxury collectibles? 

I stumbled upon your platform during my google research on easy investing options that I can execute on my own. What immediately caught my attention was the clear and concise information provided about collectibles, and the display of market data. As someone without a financial background, the detailed descriptions eased my concerns about transparency. Moreover, your low entry ticket sizes allowed me to dip my toes into this exciting investment category without assessing too many personal risks.  

That's fantastic to hear! Can you describe your experience with investing in Splint Invest collectibles / physical assets and how it impacted your financial journey? 

Investing in physical assets has been an incredible journey for me. Not only have I had the opportunity to become a fractional owner into some of the world’s most exclusive assets, but I've also seen the potential for significant returns on my investments. It's empowering to know that I can participate in an industry traditionally dominated by ultra-high net worth individuals.  

Have you faced any specific challenges or obstacles along the way, and how did you overcome them? 

Like any investment, there have been small challenges, such as fluctuations in market prices and the need for thorough research. However, Splint Invest provided me with asset documents and resources as well as expert verifications that have been great in navigating fears. I've also connected with other investors, both male and female, who have shared their experiences and insights during Splint Invest events and on social media channels. The sense of community is just great! 

How do you allocate your investments with Splint Invest? 

Since I have only started investing a few months ago, I'm all about diversification at this moment. I still haven’t found that one asset class stands out to me more than others for now, so I'm spreading my eggs in many different baskets. On every release day, I allocate 50 EUR into each category released, which is about 250 EUR per month. I feel at ease knowing that my risk is spread-out.  

That's truly inspiring! What advice would you give to others who may be hesitant about investing? 

My advice would be to educate yourself and take that first step. Go for it! Investing doesn't have to be intimidating or exclusive to a particular age, gender, or social class. Look for platforms and communities that provide clear information and opportunities to start small. Investing in collectibles has allowed me to combine my passion for art and fashion with financial growth.

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