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Published: 16/02/2024

January 2024: The biggest gainer was "The Sleep of Love" by Marc Chagall

Join Mario, Splint Invest's Head of Investments, for an insightful review of Splint's asset performance in the past month.

In the luxury investments sector, January 2024 was a standout month for Splint's assets, including cars, art, wine, diamonds, whisky casks, handbags, and LEGO sets. These assets displayed robust growth, underscoring their resilience and appeal to collectors and investors. While watches and rare whisky bottles saw a minor moderation in their value, it didn't dampen the overall enthusiasm for Splint Invest’s portfolio.

A few notable performers include the “Sassicaia 2020,” with an impressive gain of 7.5%, and the latest Duncan McCormick release, showing a substantial increase of 6%. The biggest gainer was "The Sleep of Love" by Marc Chagall with an increase of 14.9%.Slides Learn (94)

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In the broader financial landscape, U.S. stocks closed January on a positive note, with the S&P 500 surging nearly 6.3%, fully recovering from December's decline. Despite debates about whether January's advances represent a turning point or a bear-market rally, positive factors include easing inflation signs, China's reopening efforts, and favorable corporate earnings.

Splint Invest's luxury portfolio highlights some exceptional performances, such as the Hermès Kelly bag, which saw a 2.3% surge in value. Luxury cars, including the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder and Porsche 911, demonstrated remarkable advancements, while diamonds gained 1.9% in value.

The art market thrived, with paintings like "Flying Heart and City of Lions" by Duncan McCormick and "Cheekh" by Raghav Babbar at the center, experiencing significant value increases of 6% and 5.8%, respectively, in January. Albert Willem's masterpieces continued to be in the spotlight, with individual paintings seeing value appreciations ranging from 1.2% to 5% this January. An even sharper increase was observed in the work "The Sleep of Love" by Marc Chagall, with 14.9%. This is mainly attributed to the exceptionally low purchase price.

The realm of LEGO investments also saw continued growth in January 2024, with the LEGO Modular Building Collection standing out with an impressive 5.7% increase in value.

Luxury watches presented mixed results, with the Patek Philippe World Time Chronograph gaining 1.7% while the Patek Philippe Nautilus experienced a 4.7% decrease. Whisky bottles faced a slight decline, but “Ardbeg 1965” remained resilient with a 1.1% increase. Whisky casks showed a steady 0.6% overall increase.

Wine investments experienced an overall increase of 0.3%, with the Sassicaia 2020 standing out with a remarkable 7.5% price increase. Precious metals prices, particularly palladium, saw fluctuations, with a 4.4% decrease in January but a 2.3% increase since the release of Splint Invest's first palladium bar.

In conclusion, the global demand for luxury goods is on a consistent upward trend, and Splint Invest remains optimistic about the appreciation of its assets. They commit to adapting their product offerings to align with market conditions in each category, promising further compelling investment opportunities in the future.

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