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Published: 05/06/2024

Meet Tina: The Ultimate Diversified Investor

Meet Tina: The Ultimate Diversified Investor

Our team recently had the pleasure of speaking with Tina, one of our most well-diversified and successful users, who shared her alternative investment journey and strategies with us. Tina's approach to investing is not only inspiring but also accessible, making her a perfect role model for anyone looking to grow their wealth through smart, diversified investments. Her unique combination of traditional and alternative assets provides valuable insights into building a balanced and profitable portfolio. Join us as we dive into Tina's investment philosophy and learn how you can get inspired by her success with Splint Invest. 

Tina's Investment Philosophy

Tina firmly believes in the power of diversification. By spreading her investments across different asset classes, she mitigates risk and maximises potential returns. Tina's portfolio is unique because it not only includes traditional financial instruments but also a variety of alternative assets. Here's how she does it.

Payday Ritual: 1/5 Rule

Every payday, Tina follows her unique "1/5 Rule." She allocates a portion of her salary in a structured and disciplined manner:

ETFs and Traditional Assets: Tina dedicates 60% of her investment budget to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and other traditional financial instruments. ETFs provide her with exposure to a broad range of stocks and bonds, offering a solid foundation for her investment strategy.

Alternative Assets with Splint Invest:  The remaining 40% of her investment budget goes into alternative assets via Splint Invest. Splint Invest is a platform that specializes in physical collectibles such as wine, whisky, cars, Lego, rare sneakers, and art.

Tina's Diversification Strategy

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Tina's approach to investing in alternative assets is all about balance. She aims to allocate the same amount of money into each category of collectibles to ensure her portfolio is well-rounded and diversified. Here’s a breakdown of some of her investments:

Fine Wine and Whisky: Tina invests in vintage bottles and rare spirits. Despite not being a drinker, Tina made significant returns from a wine exit, proving that personal consumption isn't necessary to benefit from these investments.

Rare Sneakers: Tina is also a sneaker lover. She invests in limited-edition sneakers, knowing that these items can fetch impressive prices in the resale market. Scarce supply is the cornerstone of the sneaker investment game. Limited production runs ensure that only a select few get their hands on these sought-after kicks, driving up their desirability and consequently, their market value. Tina expressed her excitement about this new category to us, “I was so happy to learn that Splint Invest were able to get their hands on the Freddy Krueger Nike sneakers. There are only a limited number of pairs in existence. I'm so proud to be a fractional owner in one of them. Since last month only, their value has gained 1.6%.”

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Art: Tina invests in both emerging and established artists. She takes pleasure in supporting the arts while also benefiting from the potential financial gains. Tina shared that often, she doesn’t know the artists introduced on the platform, but she invests anyway because she understands the importance of supporting rising artists. She also checks other sources, like the last 36 months of auction data on, which she finds makes everything more visual and exciting.

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Tina’s Success Stories

Tina's disciplined approach has led to notable successes. She recently exited three exciting assets with significant returns:

Wine: Despite not being a drinker, Tina's investment in fine wine yielded substantial profits. She emphasizes that you don't need to be a wine enthusiast to invest wisely in this asset class. Only 0.1% of the world's wine producers produce investment grade wine. At the same time, there are decreases in production due to global warming. “Fine wine consistently ranks as one of the best-performing alternative asset classes within the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index, and that is an index I find really easy to understand. In the last decade alone, wine gained well over 100% in value. That is just incredbile,” shared Tina. 

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Chagall Artwork: An investment in a Marc Chagall artwork provided impressive returns, showcasing the potential of art as a valuable asset class. “I had invested around 1000 EUR into this artwork, and it totally slipped my mind as I expected a long investment horizon. One day, I opened my email, and saw that in just a few months, I realized gains of 15.4%. Instead of cashing out, I got motivated to put it into another artwork. I directly invested in the Giacometti,” Tina told us. 

Whisky Cask: Tina also saw significant returns from investing in a whisky cask, further proving the profitability of alternative assets. It was her first asset exit with Splint Invest. She admit that she had no idea about casks before joining our platform, and she then came to learn that  a good-quality liquid becomes more valuable over time, simply because there is a strong correlation between age and value with maturing whisky.

Why Tina’s Strategy Works

Risk Mitigation: By diversifying across various asset classes, Tina reduces the risk associated with market volatility. If one asset class underperforms, the others can help balance the overall performance of her portfolio.

Long-Term Growth: Tina's blend of traditional and alternative investments positions her for long-term growth. While ETFs provide steady returns, her alternative assets help her sleep better, knowing they offer potential for significant appreciation.

Passion and Profit: Tina's investments are not just about money; they reflect her passions. This personal connection to her investments keeps her motivated and informed, leading to better decision-making. “When it comes to investing in classic cars, I feel a strong emotional connection. They remind me of childhood road trips with my father in his Porsche. He maintained it so well. I know what to look out for when it comes to this category,” said Tina. 

Join Tina on Splint Invest

Tina's disciplined approach and diverse portfolio are a testament to the power of strategic investing. By following her example, you too can build a robust and diversified portfolio. Start investing today on Splint Invest and discover the exciting world of alternative assets.

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