Published: 02/06/2023

Access to classic car investing

Can’t afford to buy one outright? Splint Invest will offer you a share -however you won't be allowed to drive it while it appreciates in value. But, you do get a certificate of ownership!

We are proud to announce the official launch of our groundbreaking asset class, in addition to other assets we offer, enabling our customers to participate in fractional ownership of classic cars. With this innovative approach, we aim to democratise the world of classic car ownership, providing a unique investment opportunity and unparalleled access to automotive enthusiasts and investors alike. 

Traditionally, classic cars have been regarded as luxury assets reserved for a select few. However, Splint Invest seeks to revolutionise this notion by introducing fractional investing, allowing individuals to own a stake in iconic vintage automobiles without the burden of purchasing an entire vehicle. This model opens new avenues for enthusiasts to engage with the classic car market and enjoy the potential financial benefits associated with these valuable assets. 

But okay, what’s so hyped about this passion investment? Why is it seen as an asset?  

“Where heritage meets horsepower; every vehicle is a timeless masterpiece that carries the echoes of a bygone era. As the market accelerates, and the enthusiasts rev their dreams, the value of these rolling works of art goes beyond monetary gain—it becomes a celebration of nostalgia, craftsmanship, and the eternal allure of passion collectibles." 

Raya, Brand Lead 

Classic cars have shown a tendency to appreciate over time, making them an attractive investment option. Limited supply, increasing rarity, and growing demand from collectors and enthusiasts contribute to the potential for capital appreciation. Some iconic and highly sought-after models have experienced significant price increases, outperforming other investment avenues. According to the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index of 2022, passion investments rode extremely high, regardless of economic worries and inflation. Classic cars surged up the ladder of performance last year rising 25%, the strongest finish for nine years.  

Slides Learn (74)Knight Frank, 2023 

Key Features and Benefits of Splint Invest 

Fractional Ownership: Splint Invest offers customers the ability to invest in fractional shares of carefully selected classic cars. By dividing ownership into smaller units, investors can enter the classic car market with a lower financial barrier, enabling a broader audience to participate in this exclusive realm. 

Diverse Portfolio: With Splint Invest, investors gain access to a diverse portfolio of classic cars, ranging from vintage sports cars to iconic luxury vehicles. The company's team of experts meticulously curates the collection, ensuring a range of investment opportunities with varying risk and return profiles. 

Hassle-Free Management: Splint Invest handles all aspects of car ownership, including maintenance, storage, insurance, and administration. Investors can enjoy the benefits of owning classic cars without the burden of day-to-day management, making it an attractive option for those seeking a passive investment experience. 

Potential Returns: Classic cars have demonstrated the potential for long-term appreciation, making them an appealing investment. [Your Company Name] combines its deep industry expertise with comprehensive market analysis to identify investment opportunities that offer the potential for attractive returns over time. 

Secondary Market: The secondary market allows users to buy and sell previously issued shares, providing increased liquidity compared to traditional primary markets. Traders can seize opportunities and react promptly to changing market conditions, offering greater flexibility and control over their investment strategies. The Splint Invest secondary market ensures transparent pricing and efficient execution.  

Engaging Community: Investors on the Splint Invest platform become part of a vibrant community of classic car enthusiasts and collectors. The platform facilitates connections, allowing members to share their passion, exchange knowledge, and participate in exclusive events and meet-ups. 

"We are thrilled to introduce classic cars on Splint Invest and provide individuals with a unique and accessible way to invest in classic cars. Our platform breaks down barriers and empowers enthusiasts and investors to participate in this exciting asset class. We aim to redefine the traditional notions of classic car ownership and create a community-driven investment experience."  

Mario von Bergen, Head of Investments

Splint Invest is a leading platform that enables fractional investing in various categories of alternative assets. By offering fractional ownership, we aim to democratise access to valuable classic automobiles, diamonds, blue-chip paintings, rare whisky, and more, providing enthusiasts and investors with a unique investment opportunity. With a diverse portfolio, hassle-free management, and a vibrant community, Splint Invest is redefining the way individuals engage with non-traditional markets.



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