Published: 15/02/2024

✅ Experts in Every Investment: Our Asset Partners

Allow us to introduce our new series of blog posts; Experts in Every Investment. For this first one, we have prepared a brief introduction. Going forward, every Monday, we will feature a different expert and area of expertise to further educate you on our selection processes.

In the dynamic world of investments, diversity is key. Our platform is proud to offer an array of investment opportunities in unique asset categories like wine, watches, whisky, art, gemstones, LEGO, handbags, rum, luxury cars, and precious metals. 

 A common enquiry we receive is, "How can you be experts in so many varied fields?"

✅ The  answer is simple yet powerful: for each category, we collaborate with expert partners who are leaders in their respective domains. This blog post aims to shed light on how these partnerships enhance our platform and ensure that you receive informed, specialised investment opportunities.  

A Variation of Experts

We align with experts for each investment category - be it the vintage nuances of wine, the intricate craftsmanship of luxury watches, or the historic value of art. These partnerships are not just about diversity but about depth of knowledge.

Selecting the Best Partners: What are the top 3 criteria we evaluate when onboarding an asset expert? 

 1️⃣ Expertise / experience

2️⃣ Track record

3️⃣ Customer feedbacks

In an initial phase, each potential expert must undergo a due diligence process by completing a designated questionnaire. The inquiries in the survey for all experts are centred on reputation-related aspects, expertise, and track record. Various documents are collected for the due diligence test. In addition, the investment team is conducting interviews with customers to get first-hand insights on the customer satisfaction. A potential score is assigned to each question with the aim of rating and categorising each expert.

It is the responsibility of Mario, our Head of Investments at Splint Invest, to perform this due diligence test. Based on the achieved rating the potential expert is accepted to offer investment opportunities on our platform or not. Rest assured that we only collaborate with high rated experts. 

🎖️ But, what makes someone an “expert” of a given asset category?

All our experts advise UHNWI (ultra high net worth individuals) when it comes to investing in respective categories.

An expert usually possesses extensive knowledge in their asset category. This could include formal education, such as degrees in oenology (the study of wines) such as WSET certifications, art history degrees from a university or from Christie's per say, or a proven track record in valuation/appraisal processes that call for financial expertise. Moreover, practical experience is crucial. In art, it could include experience in curating, collecting, or dealing in art. Time spent in the field helps experts understand the nuances and subtleties that aren't always apparent from theoretical knowledge alone.

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Being recognised by peers and other industry professionals as an authority is a significant aspect of being considered an expert. This could come in the form of media articles and awards. Experts are able to analyse and interpret market trends, historical data, and current events within their field. For example, a wine expert would be skilled in assessing vintages and predicting their investment potential. Similarly, an art expert might have a keen eye for identifying emerging artists.

Being well-connected in the industry is important. This means having relationships with other experts, producers, collectors, auction houses, and investors. These connections can provide insights and opportunities not available to the general public. For example our whisky experts have deep connections in the distilleries of Scotland, our watch specialists have decades of experience in Swiss horology, our art consultants have an eye trained by years in the world's leading galleries, and our diamond experts possess deep knowledge in diamond grading  A history of successful sales transactions adds to an individual's credibility as an expert. Finally, trustworthiness and adherence to ethical standards are important, especially in the investment areas of collectibles where authenticity and provenance are key.

🧐 A common question we get is, “where do I find information about the expert behind a respective asset?” 

Here it goes, it's pretty simple:

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Beyond individual investments, our platform fosters a community where knowledge sharing is paramount. Through webinars, newsletters, and events, our partners share their insights, offering you a deeper understanding of each asset class. This ongoing education is vital in making informed investment decisions.

🤩 Stay tuned to further dive into each expert's background, starting from next Monday!

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