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Published: 12/03/2024

✅ Experts in Every Investment: Hermès Handbags

Hermès handbags, particularly the iconic Birkin and Kelly models, are renowned not only for their craftsmanship and style but also for their exceptional investment value.


Hermès bags are a labour of love. “The Hermès Bag is the best example of a heritage piece as it contains an emotional value, and this is why it is so loved,” says Sophie Hersan, co-founder and fashion director of Vestiaire Collective. “These bags are treated with care and have durability, as people attach emotional value to the story behind how they obtained their Hermès bag.” And let’s not forget, the smaller the better; the 20cm size ranks above all others in terms of average auction value.  🍀 Luckily, we still have Splints available in our 20cm Kelly. 

Blog ResizeThe Kelly’s predecessor, The Sac à Dépêches, was introduced by Hermès’s head of firm Émile-Maurice in 1935, who wanted to create a bag that met his wife’s needs. It was then renamed the Kelly in 1977 after Grace Kelly, the Hollywood starlet who became Princess Grace of Monaco. The Constance arrived in 1967, and the Birkin several years later in 1984.Blog Resize (2)Over the years, these luxury items have shown a remarkable appreciation in price, making them highly coveted pieces for collectors and investors alike. Waiting lists stretch up to six years, and most people do not even get approved to be on the waiting list. It is said that you are expected to purchase large amounts of other Hermès items in-store, such as homeware and clothing for example, to even be considered for the handbag waiting list. To add to the exclusivity even more; there is another level of treatment: Special Order. These bags are sometimes called ‘Custom,’ or ‘Special Order,’ or ‘HSS' for the tiny horse-shoe stamp that sits by the brand stamp, signifying that the bag is custom made.  This service is reportedly only offered to Hermès clients with an annual spending that approaches seven figures. Blog Resize (3)Instead, the route that the majority of first time buyers go for is via an auction house or trusted expert resellers. Auction houses are the riskier option of the two, with many buyers paying a premium on their purchase. Utilizing personal shoppers is great, however, it’s important to note that a high level of expertise is needed. In the bustling heart of London's fashion scene, Melissa, handbag expert at Threads Styling, has carved out a niche as a revered authority in the world of Hermès bags. She has facilitated the sale of countless Hermès handbags, earning her a distinguished place among connoisseurs and collectors. Melissa's journey began with the sale of her first Birkin bag, a moment that ignited her passion for Hermès's aspirational business model and its timeless testament.Blog Resize (4)Melissa's expertise is not just built on her extensive experience but also on her deep knowledge of the brand. She possesses a keen insight into the trends that shape the Hermès market, including variations in color, style, and size. This, coupled with her understanding of market fluctuations and a solid, loyal client base, positions her as a trusted advisor in the luxury handbag investment sphere. 

When assessing a bag's potential as a good investment, Melissa looks to the principles of supply and demand, alongside prevailing trends. Limited edition releases and classic colors often hold the greatest investment value, as they remain sought-after by collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike. In today's market, she observes a growing interest in adventurous, limited styles, such as HSS (Horseshoe) bi or tri colors, Anate, and Clouté bags, indicating a rising trend towards more unique and distinctive pieces.

We asked Melissa about a common misconception that she encounters; it is the belief that newer bags will always outperform vintage counterparts in holding value. However, with brands increasing their retail prices and consumers becoming more educated about the merits of vintage pieces, there's a noticeable trend towards acquiring vintage versions of iconic bags. This shift underscores the lasting appeal and investment potential of vintage Hermès bags. Blog Resize (5)One of Melissa's most memorable success stories involves going above and beyond for a client in search of a specific HSS (Horseshoe) color combination. After an exhaustive six to seven-month search, Melissa's dedication paid off, culminating in a moment of pure joy for her client, who declared it the highlight of her year. This story exemplifies Melissa's commitment to matching her clients with their dream bags, enhancing their collections and investment portfolios. She consistently exceeds expectations for us, frequently acquiring some of the rarest bags globally, and in certain cases, securing pieces that are singularly unique on the worldwide market. 

Over the years, Melissa has conducted hundreds of transactions, each time pairing a client with the perfect Hermès bag. Her passion for Hermès is not just about the transactions but about the stories, the dreams, and the timeless elegance that each bag represents. As Melissa continues her journey at Threads Styling London, her expertise and dedication remain invaluable to those looking to navigate the luxurious world of Hermès investments.

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