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Published: 03/08/2023

LEGO® bricks to supercharge your investment portfolio!

What exactly are hand-picked investments? In the diverse realm of financial markets, each asset class boasts a masterful maestro, orchestrating its investment case.

For LEGO®, our expert is Goldstein, a prominent LEGO® retailer in Switzerland, and he has a little something to offer our community throughout this article! We also asked our expert for insights into LEGO®. Let's walk through it!

There are stocks, there are bonds … and then there are alts, a sundry collection of all other asset types including collectibles. In an era where traditional investment opportunities are often fraught with uncertainty and volatility, a beacon of creativity and profitability shines through— LEGO®! According to BrickNerd, the average return on investment on individual sets was 11.7% in the last decade alone! 

If you have a LEGO® collection, you may very well be sitting on a gold mine! That's right, those little bricks all over the playroom that feel like a hot flame under any parent's bare-feet. 

A prominent example is the Cafe Corner LEGO® set, released in 2007 as part of the LEGO® Modular Buildings series and retailing for €150. The set became a popular collector's item and today fetches prices in excess of €2,000 on the global secondary market.

The same applies to the "Taj Mahal" set, released in 2008, which replicates the famous Indian monument. Offered at an RRP of €299.99 at the time, up to €2,000 are now being asked for sealed sets in perfect collector's condition. The set was one of the largest LEGO sets of its time and was later re-released as a new edition, which you can purchase at a special price from our partner GOLDSTEIN.SHOP using the discount code SPLINT10.

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The iconic interlocking bricks have evolved way beyond being mere toys; they have become a tangible and lucrative investment asset for individuals seeking stability and long-term growth for multitude of reasons that transcend age, culture, and background. They are a form of passion investing. 

For decades, LEGO® has captured the hearts and minds of children and adults alike, fostering a sense of imagination, problem-solving skills, and boundless creativity. Today, investors recognise the immense value that LEGO® sets hold, overlooking their initial purpose and generating substantial returns on investment. Passion investing invokes nostalgia, reminding them of cherished childhood memories spent constructing imaginative creations. While they do financial value, the main motivation behind these investments is the intrinsic satisfaction derived from engaging with the asset.  

What makes LEGO a passion investment? 

Consistent Growth

LEGO® sets have demonstrated remarkable appreciation in value over time, consistently outperforming many traditional investment options. Whether it's classic sets or limited-edition collector's items, the demand for LEGO® remains high, driving up their worth. 

Rarity and Exclusivity: 

LEGO® frequently releases limited-edition sets and collaborations with popular franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel, and Harry Potter. These sets become sought-after collector's items, commanding premium prices in the secondary market. Owning such exclusive LEGO® sets can lead to substantial profits in the future. 

Tangible and Physical:

Unlike stocks or cryptocurrencies, LEGO® sets offer a tangible and physical asset. They can be touched, displayed, and admired, providing a sense of ownership that digital investments cannot replicate. LEGO® sets also hold sentimental value and can be passed down through generations, making them a unique and cherished investment. 


Including LEGO® sets in your investment portfolio provides diversification, mitigating risks associated with traditional assets. As a non-correlated asset class, LEGO® sets can help protect your investment during economic downturns and market volatility, acting as a stable and resilient asset. 

Nostalgia and Pop Culture:

LEGO® has become synonymous with nostalgia, evoking fond memories in adults who grew up playing with the bricks. The emotional connection and cultural significance of LEGO® make it an enduring brand, ensuring sustained demand and increased value over time. 

Global Appeal:

LEGO® enjoys a vast global fan base, transcending cultural and geographical boundaries. With millions of enthusiasts worldwide, the demand forLEGO® sets continues to grow, amplifying their investment potential. Furthermore, LEGO® consistent innovation and expansion into emerging markets guarantee continued interest and profitability. 

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